My List of Buckets

Last week I was at my parents house sorting through some old books and whatnot and I came across a notebook I kept while I was on my mission. On the back cover I had written “Things I want to do in life” with a quaint little list of life dreams and life aspirations. They included learning how to play the organ (not yet), becoming a master gardener (my windowsill herb selection will tell you I am a serial plant killer), and run a marathon (I walked to the mail box today…does that count?).

That list was created at a time in my life when I thought I would live the kind of existence where plants and running would be the pinnacle of ¬†achievement. My goals were simple and somewhat drab. Now that I’ve been home and worldly-ized, I’ve updated my “bucket list” and would like to share it…now.

  • See the following bands live:

-Depeche Mode


-The Violent Femmes (do they still exist?)



-Amy Winehouse

  • Shake hands with Tina Fey (and possibly smell her hair…)
  • Learn how to make really good home made bread
  • Sew a dress…that I will actually wear.
  • Swim off the coast of Puerto Rico
  • Visit M5
  • Shoot an automatic machine gun
  • Memorize all the words to “The Raven” (I’m half way there)
  • Eat authentic paella (again)
  • Own a nice set of kitchen shearers
  • Milk a goat (again)
  • Write something that gets made into a movie, short film, high school student project, or home video.
  • Teach my children to say “D’oh!” when they bonks their head (working on it)
  • Actually read all of “Crime and Punishment” instead of just telling people I did.
  • Learn how to juggle
  • Learn how to use chop sticks (I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried)
  • Learn how to do stained glass windows
  • Live somewhere near the ocean
  • Visit Thailand
  • Make the world a better place (In honesty I don’t care but I feel like I should put that)

There it is. My updated Things to Do Before I Kick It list. What’s on yours? Close your eyes and think about it now.

4 thoughts on “My List of Buckets”

  1. When going through my box of old books Brandon found a list I made in high school of requirements for a husband. It even had a picture :)

    I love that you have swimming in Puerto Rico on your list, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life. And most of the people with us were too scared to jump in the water! (it was at night, of course, to see the algae) They really missed out.

  2. I think you have come up with a nice doable list! Would it age me too much if I told you I’ve never heard of most of the people on your music list? Hmm. You did forget pottery though : )

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